Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thursday Ramblings

I'm in the office again. And I am already getting a bit bored so I decided to take a break and have some of the leftover paella we got from Alba's last night. This morning I was giving our little place a quick run through to check what I can bring to work and found a small container of oatmeal and the paella so I packed some of it for lunch.

Last night, I was at Alba's with friends: Kit, Joe, Arjay and Datu. Ces was not around because her duty schedule won't permit. Allan wasn't there for some weird reason, so I decided to take home some Paella Valenciana so he won't feel so left out. He finished half the three-person serving that night. Cool.

It's good paella, and the saffron in the rice is so perfect that you can breathe it out. I bought a lemon to squeeze over it. Yum.

Alba's is a cool restaurant, if you're ever in the area. Serves good authentic Spanish food in very good prices. The paella ranges from Php450-600 that's good for around 3 people. You can order just that, some wine and dessert, or you can go a bit more and order some of their stews and tapas, which are equally as good.

These are ramblings, you know. So I'm not really making any effort to make any sense!

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