Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rummaging, rummaging

I was looking for my picture where I posed like an Iron Chef, but I came up with this:

The Band of Losers I called it. Haha. This one was taken after the semi-final rounds during my last tour in the fiesta debates. I should let that moment go, but I can't. I love Alain, I love Jill's team even if they defaulted which is the reason for the whole thing. But I.CANNOT.LET.IT.GO. I was scarred for life. My last fiesta debate tourney was going to be mine and Henry's imaginary farewell to in-school debating. And we both failed. Hidden behind those smiles are minds full of murderous intent. I admit it!

But all's well, we went on to win the MPDC's anyway:

I realized just now that I'm actually wearing the same cardigan in both pictures. Isn't that just droll? :))

But admittedly, that debate tournament wasn't that satisfying a win. The people we wanted to end up with in the finals weren't there. So...

Henry told me about NDC (National Debate Championships) the other day. It's really tempting, and yes, I am qualified. But it's been such a long time, I doubt if I'm going to be of any use to any partner. But's a thought.

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