Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Handwriting

I wish I had some sort of sample of my handwriting. It's really terrible. Really is. But it really didn't start that way. I had coherent and straight handwriting, I think. Only it has gotten worse after I really stopped writing with a pen and paper. Practically everything I write now is in digital form. My diary, now my blog, is of course digital. My grocery list? On my phone. Random things and numbers I have to remember are either stored on my phone or in my cookies. Sometimes I would just enter 0917---- Pau in the search page of Google so I can always find them later on. A weird way of using Google, but it works. My documents and contracts all stored in digital form. I even have my own signature in digital form. It's all ⌘ C and ⌘V folks.

So, I thiiiiiink that I am suffering from handwriting atrophy. I'm sure you know what I mean. I'm not even sure if I feel the pen correctly whenever I find a random one in my hand. My pens actually last longer now, since I use them less. Most of them just up and dried.

Gone are the days really, when people had beautiful handwriting accomplished through YEARS of practice. My mother had beautiful handwriting and it was always so romantic-looking. Mine just looks like shit.

Oh well.

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