Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The Plum.

I love this little fruit. It's sweet, tangy and juicy. Although being called a plum is not exactly a great compliment, enjoying this fruit, I think, is the greatest compliment you can give to Mama Nature. Haha

So anyway, growing up, I never really saw a nice fresh plum, being only very close to its wrinkled brothers, prunes. Prunes are dried plums, research tells me. However in many parts of the UK plums are often referred to as prunes. I also wonder why this little nameplay come to be. What will I be called when I get old and dried up? Emillune? Bad joke, I know.

Growing up, I also never saw plums in Zamboanga.

So I bought a little tray of three plums in a Korean greengrocer near my office here in Leviste. Pricey as they are (Php100 for three pieces size of a small-medium fist) I bought them and did not regret it. I can't really tell you exactly how plums taste like? But I can tell you what it does NOT taste like. It does not taste like prunes. At all. The closest description (though it'll be far off the left field) would be something like the hydrib fruit of rambutan and fuji apple. I know... yuck.

Like its cousins the peach and nectarine (another nameplay since nectarines taste and look exactly the same as peaches, only without the fuzzy skin) the plum has a very cutesy shape and the characteristic groove on one side.

I was planning on saving one for Allan, but the fruit beckoned:"Eat me! Eat me!" so I did.

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