Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And So It Happened

There is a lot to be said about Michael Jackson. Oh, yes, I will do this. Not because I am such a Michael fan, but because genius deserves some form of appreciation. And of all the things that anyone can say about MJ, it is that he's a genius. Never mind the child molestation and baby-hanging issues he had to deal with. Underneath the person whom the world viewed as a pedophile, a wreck and a molester, Michael Jackson is a genius. And the day he died, the music world just knew that he left the biggest size 9 Smooth Criminal leaning shoes that a lot of pop artists and musicians will have a horrible time to fill. Possibly cannot fill, even.

So it just irks me when I read blogs that ridicule the King of Pop. Give the dead guy a break. One blog I particularly found offensive even said that he died of Glutathione overdose. I mean, come on, show some respect.

When I heard about MJ's death, I did not cry, but I did say something like: "What? He DIED??" Like he's supposed to live forever. Actually, Michael Jackson is one of those people who you would think would live forever. He's that great.

I was born during the time MJ was really a hit, but came to my senses (LOL) after he already took a less public life. But the way his albums are selling, there's little doubt about how well received he is. I especially like his older songs, like those from Off the Wall, and of course, Thriller. And I'm not even part of that generation!

"We make excuses for Genius." I know I'll make my own excuses for Michael Jackson. Well, why not?

All Over Again

Oh, Hell.

Now I have to do this all, over again.