Thursday, August 13, 2009

Did You KNOW??

I don't know what environmental condition this tree is looking for, but if you grew up anywhere near Zamboanga, you've SHOULD also know what this tree/fruit is.

In Zamboanga, we call it Kamias or sometimes Kamias redondo, to differentiate it from its elongated cousin. The one we usually use for paksiw. But this one is eaten out of hand or as a snack, I do usually with sugar sweetened soy sauce. If you've tried it, my method for eating it is bite half, then dip the bitten part into the sawsawan, take out the pit from the remaining part and dip again. It's really sour and because it's juicier than green mangoes, the sourness stays on longer. But do you know what they're called in English?

They're called Tahitian Gooseberries. Sosyal! Hahaha


  1. i ate this as a kid too, along with iba (the elongated cousin), balimbing, and green mangoes. now that my gastrointestinal linings are a bit more....worn around the edges, i go for the conserved version instead. you know, the black round stuff that look like goat poo and taste like kiamoy?

  2. the one they sell in Shopper's Central (and Mindpro rin ata) in those big glass containers, per 100 grams? I think so!

  3. no. the ones sold by the dirty foods vendor outside public schools. in glass jars out of which they make takal the precious orbs with a gunky spoon. you know, the ones sold alongside gooey tamarind. that one.

  4. do you know anyone who sells this in metro manila?