Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The World is Happy

Emotionr said today that the world is happy. That's nice, considering that the Emo-I-Hate-The-World colonies seem to be growing. I'm happy, too. I'm happy because it's so unflattering to be sad. A friend once told me that I am incapable of sadness, only anger and happiness. And I really cannot remember a specific moment when I was sad. I can't remember one single moment even if I try to remember real hard.

That's not to say that I have never gone through some tough times. Doesn't mean that you see me often as the sarcastic and often loud (or sometimes disinterested) rollypolly that I didn't have to hustle through life. I did hustle. I had to choose between staying or leaving. I had to hustle my way through several interviews to make it here.

I also had to deal with sadness, death, loss and pain. Who hasn't? Mine was, and still isn't, a comfortable life. But I'm not bitter. Really, I'm not. I'm not sad. Whenever I had to take a blow, I just get really pissed (at myself) at having lost, or happy that I fought a good one.

So I never understand why some people just get depressed. It can be physiological, though, if your body's really lacking in some hormones (endorphin ba?), but mostly it's all in their heads.

A line from Dexter (the series on Showtime): "We're both evil people. But the difference is that I know I'm a monster, while you think you're a victim." Translation: We all have gone through a down period, but I knowI'm better than this. From experience, the people I know who seem sad and miserable all the time are those who think that they don't deserve what happened or think that they deserve to suffer. The way I view it, no one does.

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