Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big Oli

We went to Big Oli last Friday, just to try the place out. We wanted to go to Bellini's but it really is out of the way, and we wanted to try something new. It was a really nice place, this place they have in TriNoMa. Very homey. Anyway, we went for pasta and pizza, and we certainly didn't badly regret going here instead of Bellini's!

I had spaghetti Bolognese and pepperoni pizza. Allan had Pasta Alfredo and pepperoni pizza. That's the garlic bread, that chikalang looking thing. Both pasta dishes were great. Not very much on the olive oil which is essential in Italian cuisine, but not bad! It's pretty good stuff.

Here's my spaghetti. Now I know Bolognese is supposed to be meaty, and this one is obviously not, but I loved it. I HATE meaty spaghetti. I like pasta and sauce, that's it. For me, meat just gets in the way. My spaghetti here is mostly tomato sauce and chopped canned tomatoes, light and tart, but in a good way. Which is just perfect for me. The Alfredo was also lightly seasoned and fresh.

The pizza, not too oily and not too salty. Great. And for under Php500 (with refillable drinks) we'll definitely come back for more.

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