Sunday, November 22, 2009


D'I tell you Allan loves pizza? Absolutely adores it. Dreams about it. Next is bacon, but that's a whole different enchilada altogether. Thursday and Friday last week I cooked eight kinsgsized TJ hotdogs wrapped with bacon. Pigs in a blanket. That's eight per night, five for him and three for me, for two nights straight. I swear I can still taste the dogs everytime I burp. He loves TJ hotdogs that much and with bacon, it's like cholesterol and sodium heaven. Just saying, but I also have a recipe for bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed jalapeno peppers and it was the absolute BOMB. I have no pics right now, but when I feel that it's safe once again for me to eat bacon, I will give you pics and recipes.

So back to pizzas, we like Sbarro. We have dinner there, maybe once or twice a month, to consistent results. Allan likes the deep dish, but I prefer the simple pizzas with just tomato and cheese. Sometimes I like spinach calzone, too. Paired with a salad, it's great eating.

We rarely eat in the actual restaurant though. This pic is quite a landmark.

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