Sunday, November 1, 2009

Clam Soup

These past few days the weather's been really cold, and it's nice to end the day with a nice, light and warm soup that's easy on the budget and calories. I don't want to eat heavy stuff on the evenings because I feel sluggish the next morning. So last week I made a soup that, for me, is an acquired taste. When I was younger, I really dislike clam soup. I didn't like the bitter/too salty taste of the soup, so with closed eyes, I would force myself to eat because, well, it's either that or starve. But later on I kinda started to look for that distinct taste of clam soup.

This is my very first attempt in making clam soup. I just bought a half kilo of clams and cleaned it really, really, REALLY well. After that, I poured water and added onions and ginger into the pot. After boiling it a bit and the clams start to open up, I seasoned the dish and added malunggay or moringa leaves into it. I'm pretty anal when it comes to malunggay. I want the leaves to be fine and individually plucked from the stem. I don't want any stem in the dish. It's weird, I know.

I loved the dish, and I love it more because I didn't need a lot of rice to feel full because the broth did all the work. Next time, I should use mussels though...they're bigger and have more bite.

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