Sunday, November 1, 2009

Over the Weekend

So I knew that I would be at home over the weekend, with no plans of going out, except to pay our respects to Allan's late father, who is in a columbary (?) just five minutes away. So it was the perfect time to finish reading my books.

I am quite a little book hoarder, although I usually only buy from second hand bookstores. I am beginning to cramp our already very cramped room with piles of books.

For this batch (I have a tendency to do things in batches, just like my blog entries) I have Kissing the Virgin's Mouth, 'Tis, and I know why a Caged Bird Sings. I am in the final few pages of 'Tis.

Of course, it is only fitting for me to have a huge mug of thick hot chocolate, made from artisan tableas and sweet rolls.

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