Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Dinner and an On-the-Spot Gift

Yeah, yeah, I forget anniversaries. Unlike other females who primp themselves up and plan ahead for anniversaries, I am simply not hardwired to remember dates for things like that. I do, however remember birthdays. And on Allan's birthday, I treated him to a nice dinner and a sorta kinda expensive bottle of red wine plus conversation that does not revolve around online media, work and my not so favorite people.

Allan is pretty easy to please, but I am particularly happy with his reaction with my ultimate gift, which he saw at home. Don't get ideas...just don't.

We finally retired his uber old TV and replaced it with this new flat, sleek and glossy one. It's just a Samsung...and nothing near the price tag of a Bravia or more, but Allan's been too cheap to buy a new one until his old TV finally died in exhaustion, so I did him a favor. We're having a better TV experience now. Yes!

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