Saturday, September 19, 2009

These Children

As if I'm old. Haha

Anyway, a pet peeve of mine is whenever I see lewd pictures of Miley Cyrus and other non-celebrity teenagers in odd positions. Or that tongue in the middle of V'd fingers. Oh, I'm sure you've seen those pictures. It's scary, and a testament of how unthinking the youth is becoming these days. These pictures could easily be copied and distributed everywhere so even if you delete it, it might just come back in a few years to bite you in your backside.

Of course there's the issue of smarter employers. Today, it is not enough to have a stunning resume or a good interview. Employers (trust me, I know) are now looking into the Twitter profiles, Facebook pages and blogs of applicants. Pictures of an applicant in weird poses or tweets about sexual or vulgar stuff can easily ruin his or her image.

Forgetting all these things I said about smarter employers, those pictures will be embedded in Google's memory until their kids are old enough to find it themselves. Not good.

I sound like an old woman now.

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