Saturday, September 19, 2009

If There's One Thing

My mom told me that she will go to her grave very disappointed if I didn't master at least one dish. To tell you the truth, the day she told me that, I realized that a woman really needs to have at least one dish that can ONLY come from her kitchen.

I kinda console myself with the thought that since I can fry and boil an egg (and cook it in several different ways, even), my mother will be happy. Thing is, I never had to learn anything beyond ginisang veggies and basic stuff back home because my mom would take over whenever something more elaborate needs to be morcon or something. So now, living with Allan, I have to start stretching my cooking skills. While he's not really fussy and he isn't the old-school type who thinks that the kitchen is a woman's domain, I don't want him (or his relatives) to think that he's living just a small step up from a dormitory or a hostel (I agree with Jane Buckingham). Besides, eating fried stuff or eggs gets tiring after like, 7 weeks. Trust me.

Anyway, anyway, tonight I cooked bistek. But for some added zest, I added some pineapples. So it's like an Endulcao or hamonado in some way. It turned out pretty good.

Ahh. Pat me on the back. This was cooked in a rice cooker, too. Saves on LPG (but more on electricity, I dunno which one is more expensive at the end of the day).

Of course, I like having dessert after a meal, but I'm trying to veer away from the cakes and cookies (feeling) so I whipped up something really quick and fresh. Well, yeah, the lychees are canned. Haha Tossed them with some mangoes and some of the syrup from the can with some ice.

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