Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cooker Cooking

You're prolly sick of hearing about my cooking exploits.So just one more before I go back to normal,somewhat.Haha

I am kinda unable to post pictures because I am yet to find an app that allows me to upload my pics from my phone directly to the blog while I'm online.

Anyhoo,last night I cooked giniling with potatoes and cabbage.Because I'm lazy and because I'm not very patient with a knife,I decided to use baby potatoes so they go straight from the sink to the pot.Don't you just love baby vegetables? The result,if I have to say so myself, is glorious.All done in a rice cooker,or else we won't be in bed by 10.

Tonight I'm thinking of corn soup,since there is quite an abundance of corn in the market.

Ok,this is quite long for a phone entry already,my thumb is complaining.Pictures soon!

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