Saturday, September 19, 2009

Modern Girl's Guide to Life

I'm being very nice here, maybe because dinner was a success. I'm embedding a copy of Modern Girl's Guide to Life into my blog so that you can read it, too, Modern Girl! Really helped me a lot, especially with keeping my place neat and tidy. It has some tips about how to get out and make the most of some circumstances we find ourselves in, from a nasty stain on a sweater, to that sprig of rosemary added on a rotisserie chicken for a dinner party to make it look like you cooked it yourself. Teaches you little cheats that you can do when 1. you're in a crunch for time or 2. you're not really familiar with what you're doing.

I bought this online, then I uploaded it into YOU don't have to!

The Modern Girl's Guide to Life

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