Saturday, September 19, 2009

Joey Pepperoni

I'm going to do a little blitz entry here about this recent restaurant that we ate in. It's beside my office in Leviste St., Joey Pepperoni. It's a REALLY cheap place. It even has a pasta-all-you-can deal, all day, everyday! Huge pasta servings, good thin-crust pizza. It's worth more than the P150 you pay for it (the pasta-all-you-can) and the P155 for the pizza.

This is the one in meat sauce. Not really outstanding, but good. Allan said it's a little bit too soupy.

Now, this one really impressed me. You see, I'm not a big pesto lover. Especially those despicable ones that come in bottles. The pesto in this dish is made fresh. You can actually taste the freshness of the herbs used and the pine nuts, too. Allan, not really the herb-y type, didn't really like it. But for me, it's a winner.

This is Fredo, our pizza. Very simple. Very tasty. Not oily but the dough is fresh and perfectly crisp. Again, not really fancy, but it kinda surprises you that something so pretty can taste great.

Not really a romantic place, this restaurant. Especially on a first date. If you eat inside, you'll come out smelling like the food they're cooking. But it's a great place to bring friends in, and maybe a girlfriend or boyfriend, if you just want to hang out.

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