Friday, May 7, 2010

Two Salads and Sushi

So we are cutting the carbs and loading up on the freshies. Right here is iceberg lettuce, carrots, corn, cucumber and tuna with a simple dressing of oil and lemon juice with some basil.

I really don't like iceberg, but in a pinch it'll do. I prefer romaine or arugula because they have more bite and hold up better to strong dressings which I love with all my stony heart. There's this brand of packaged greens that we always's good for four side servings or two main course servings for only around Php55. It has arugula, romaine, lolo rosso, butter lettuce and something else. Anyway, the dressing here is white wine vinegar, some sugar, some basil, salt and pepper.

OK so this is the salad where we used the veggie mix that I was juuuuust telling you about. This time it had celery, tomatoes, cucumber with a tangy sweet mango-yogurt dressing. All you have to do is to portion out the veggies, whisk mango puree or mash the pulp of one mango, add the yogurt, squeeze some lemon juice or vinegar if you like, then salt and pepper to taste. It was good!

And finally sushi. I bought a container of this from a Manang who comes to the office. They were, to my utmost surprise, very delicious! The fish was sooo fresh and the rice sticky and vinegary and the best I have tried so far. Not much to look at, but they were good and at 65 pesos for eight pieces, it was a steal!

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