Friday, May 7, 2010

Today's Purchases

Never let it be said that I do not know how to shop.

Today I had a very painful back and my arms were plenty sore. So I was seriously thinking (though I did bring gym gear) to skip gym tonight. Instead, I burned off extra calories by walking and shopping. I was looking for shoes for myself because the ones I have and wear to the gym is pretty old and I wanted another pair so I can color coordinate. Haha

I got these:

Comfy and hot pink. When I'm wearing them they feel like the right size, but maybe because of the pointy toe, it looks like it's longer. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

So while I was looking around some more thinking that maybe I should buy more socks (and a gym bag...and gym shorts...and maybe a dry fit top?) this cap caught my eye:

I knew Allan would love this. An authentic 2009 Yankees World Series Championship cap. Ate Bombette already gave him the official one, but this is waaaay too cool to pass up, and I know he'll be super happy. And I'm right. Look at his face! I think it was a steal for an authentic item that is pretty rarely sold here in the Philippines. He's a big Yankee fan (I am, too, but compared to him, I am a mere novice) and we're totally ecstatic that they won the World Series last year. Just saying. :)

This buy is bordering on impulse, but sometimes impulses are right, you know? I certainly don't regret buying it. I would wear it myself if Allan didn't like it. It was really cool.

So anyway, tomorrow we are going to be up and early for the gym. There's a yoga class tomorrow. Also (and more importantly) the Yankees-Red Sox game at Fenway is up and the gym has cable. Heehee.

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