Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Own You, Suckka

Ok, so I took a picture of myself at the gym AFTER I pulled/strained a muscle. I just thought that it may have a better affect if I post a twisted version of before and after. haha

Anyhizzle, I am recovering from a strained shoulder. I really thought that I may have torn a muscle or a ligament or something because my shoulder and neck where really painful last Wednesday. I took the day off and got it checked (I went to Medical City, supeeerb service) and apparently, all I needed was to rest it and give it time to heal. So I've been out of the gym for a few days now. I'm missing it, seriously. It feels like there's something missing. I can't even do yoga. Not even running (technically I could, but it hurts when I swing my arms while running). I slapped on a couple of Kool Fever pads to help with the pain. Kool Fever feels so good. It really does cool you down.

Sad part is, I lost two pounds this week...but I'm concerned that I may be losing MUSCLE mass and gaining fat mass because I haven't been doing my weights routine. Did you know that you can lose weight when technically you are getting fatter? Or maybe the best way to describe it is that you're becoming fattier. I'd rather be 150 pounds but with little body fat instead of 120 pounds of flabbiness. I wish can say confidently that "Hey I lost 10 pounds" but that's not as easy a lot of people think. Did you know that losing 10 pounds means that you are visibly thinner? (I'm trying to pull a Kuya Kim moment here) It is also the equivalent of one dress size, more or less. So I'm not there yet.

Anyway, since I'm in the vicinity of the subject (the heck does that statement mean?? haha) here are some things I learned about dieting and weight management:

1. For women, 1500 calories per day is the way to go if you wanna lose weight. DO NOT go under 1200 calories unless you're in a doctor-supervised diet. Also, going under 1200 calories will make your body step on the brakes of your metabolism and slow you down. Slowing your metabolism is bad and I think you know that.

Actually, 1200-1500 calories is not bad and is filling, if you choose your food well. I usually have rice and fish for breakfast, then a banana and peanut butter or a packet of oatmeal cookies for midmorning, then whole wheat bread and tuna or chicken filling (I love buying a roasted chicken quarter and make a sandwich out of it) then maybe crackers and low fat yogurt in the afternoon. Fruits or veggies for dinner and maybe some tinola. I drink a 1.5L of green C2 or a Coke Zero and a loooooooooot of water. I don't feel unsatisfied at all, to my surprise.

2. Take smaller frequent meals than large meals. It keeps your metabolism humming all throughout the day.

3. Dairy is good. But choose low fat or non fat. I drink soy milk, no butter or cheese as much as possible, no mayo, and low fat yogurt. FIC (Fruits in Ice Cream)has a low fat and sugar free ice cream. We indulge in a pint occasionally. Not as good as normal ice cream, but good enough.

4. Stop treating yourself with food. Get a bag, a pair of shoes, or clothes instead. Allan indulges in girly magazines. Or save the money! If we do go out, we opt to go to "lutong bahay" places or those that are fine dining. The prices are higher (can't over-order) but the taste is better, so we still feel full and satisfied. Actually, we still bond over food, only healthier food.

5. Keep challenging yourself. To me it's an ego thing. Pushing myself. Why do I keep on trying to perfect those darned yoga poses? Because I don't want it to win. I don't want my cravings to get the best of me. It's an "I own you, suckka" kind of thing. If you get what I mean. Besides, why eat a donut when grapes taste sooo much better?

I'm happy to do this. I am so psyched!

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