Friday, May 7, 2010

Tears for Fears Concert, May 2, 2010

So we went to the Tears for Fears concert. What can I say. I love them, I loved the concert and until now, I can still imagine when all the lights went out on Curt's cue after he sang the first verse and refrain of Mad World. I can still remember Roland's little speech "We have been to the Americas, to the desserts and Scandinavia, but Lord why haven't we thought of Manila." I remember how the people sang along and screamed after every song and how Roland had to cup his ears because he couldn't hear himself anymore.

I hate myself for procrastinating. I should have gotten the lower box seats when I had the chance. All that was left were the General Admission tickets (this was a week before the show) and I was forced to take them. Heck, I should have gotten tickets for the mosh pit.

But I really loved the concert. Or did I say that already. Some vids are on youtube and you can see the people having a grand ole time. Two things that were less than expected though: we front acts (Sandwich and Pupil) were godawfully dull. And we were seated next to a couple who seemed like they knew nothing about the band or the songs. We were all standing up singing along to Head Over Heels and Shout and they were seated eating popcorn like it was a damned movie.

Hoping Tears for Fears will be back soon!

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