Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I actually remember this guy after he clarified who he is...this is someone I knew from high school. Now while I do not hate him (he's actually kinda nice?) I hate the fact that he is jeje-infected. Nash, you brought this upon yourself. Next time you chat with me, think again. Ooops. Actually, you CAN'T chat with me again.

8:58am Nash

8:58am Me
who are you?

8:58am Nash

8:59am Me
i don't know anyone with isonfire last name

8:59am Nash

9:00am Me
dude you better tell me who you are before i delete you

9:00am Nash

9:01am Me
i remember
what's up

9:01am Nash

9:02am Me
ok lang
and i'm not kidding
i most of the time just add the people who add me

9:03am Nash

9:03am Me
but if you change your name and i don't recognize your name anymore, i delete you

9:03am Nash

9:03am Me
sira ba spacebar mo?? [FINALLY I REALIZE IT!!!]

9:03am Nash

9:04am Me
di ko maintindihan sinasabi mo
i only talk to people who know how to use a keyboard properly

9:05am Nash

9:07am Me
actually oo
and sayang dahil alam ko same teacher lang tayo sa english nung high school
and alam ko tamang english tinuro nya sa atin

9:12am Nash

so..what' masyado..i dont belong to your level..

anyway..good day..

9:12am Me

buti alam mo
this sooo going on my blog


[aba, sya pa may guts!]

Anyway, I appreciate the fact that he actually chatted up with me. But it's useless starting a convo with someone that way. A chat, while informal, is still a form of discourse. When I read his messages it's like "work (stop stop stop) ka (stop stop stop) na (stop stop stop). I can't help it. My eyes/brain are programmed to perceive those punctuation marks that way. I cannot just ignore them and say "Ah, ganun kasi sya magtype." I can't do it.

Not that he SHOULD type that way.

Maybe I would even tolerate (for old times' sake) the use of sticky caps. But not the text typing and the periods-for-space thing. Again, I just can't do it.

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