Saturday, March 27, 2010

TGI Fridays

We went to TGI Friday's when we went to watch Alice in Wonderland (it's really sad some of you guys didn't like it because I really like the way Burton twisted the whole story) anyhoo, I just wanna say that I really, really, really loved the ribs. The pasta was pretty good, too. But compared to the ribs, man, it was nothing.

This is the Jack Daniels ribs. It's glazed with a sauce spiked with Jack Daniels that is all at once tangy, salty and sweet. The ribs were really marinated and each bite was tender and melted in your mouth. Super yum. The fries was a nice interlude but the star really are the ribs. I think this was around Php600? I can be off the mark, but it was around that range. The next time we eat here, we'll get the full slab, with more fries, slaw and maybe some rice.

I got fettuccine with grilled chicken, brocolli, sundried and fresh tomatoes and garlic. It was good, but probably not worth the ~Php450 I spent on it, especially compared to the ribs.

It's not normal price here at TGI Fridays but the servings are unabashedly huge. The pasta was good for two, at least. The service is also pretty good considering that there were a lot of people. A bit before we were served our food, some wserver rang a bell and music started to play and all the staff (except those who had serving trays during the time of the bell) started to dance. I shall upload when I get to convert it to some other format. The servers were real polite and accommodating.

One note, we would have wanted the ribs to be really right off the flames. The one we were served was already a bit on the "too well rested" side.

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