Saturday, March 27, 2010

At Work

At work, I stare back at two monitors, which I truly believe improves my productivity. All the "work" stuff is on the left (work email, data management, sources) and to the left are "non-work" stuff (news websites, music, some other research stuff) that help the left monitor along.

I also have this thing for arranging my desktop icons. Work to the left, fun to the right (and I'm right-handed, just sayin').

I also want to say that I am NOT OC.

Or at least my being OC is very limited to my computer. Look at my closet and it is a hodgepodge of shirts and blouses, work and non-work (except for the dark colored ones which I kept in a maleta under the bed because who wears dark stuff during summer anyway? Figured it's a waste of closet space). My planner is everywhere and books, notes and pens are scattered about my drawer. What gives?

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