Saturday, March 27, 2010

Drinking What?

Volvic is probably the best water I have tried. Evian falling only second to it. Yeah, I know, Evian is more expensive (and this is definitely a scenario where the cheaper one is better) but Volvic is definitely better-tasting. It tastes like what water is described in books---pure, clean and refreshing.

It is not to say that Volvic is cheap. Actually, a 500mL bottle will go for around Php45 (local mineral water is around Php20 and Evian is around Php50) so it is not cheap. But I always keep my eyes peeled for sales because the price can drop pretty low, say around Php60 for a liter.

You can google Volvic and see how it is produced but true to it's name, it is filtered in the ground with layers upon layers of volcanic rock and it is bottled at the source. It has a perfect pH of 7, the pH water pure water SHOULD have, if I remember my chemistry lessons well. Evian is somewhere in the 7.2 in the pH scale I think.

I read in Marketmanila that Saveur rated Volvic as the best bottled still water in the world and I can easily why. It is markedly better than any other I have tried. Evian may be more popular, but I'd go for Volvic whenever I can. Go grab a bottle and taste it yourself. :)

Anyshoes, I also would like to make a note on Yingyang cooling tea. It's good. It tastes pretty much like gulaman without the jelly. And it is effective in cooling the body down. It's main ingredient I think (reading the label) is chrysanthemum tea, which I have featured before. It has really been used by the Chinese to treat fever because of it's cooling effect. Although I would recommend just drinking chrysanthemum tea alone (cheaper too), this may be an easier way to introduce yourself to something new-tasting.

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