Friday, March 19, 2010

Never the "Everything-But-The-Kitchen-Sink" Kind of Bag Girl

I have been reading more and more blogs that have at least one entry where
they describe the contents of their bags (some even do that everyday). There
are bags that are filled with mommy essentials---towel, extra tshirt, baby
powder and wipes---while others are a little bit more complicated (mascara,
contact lens solution, makeup kit, charger). Bag contents range from the
mundane to the ridiculous, like a can opener, and are, I think, true
reflections of what the person is like. It's just like a diary or an email

So of course my attention is piqued. I have never really done an inventory
of the contents of my bag. I am sure though that the contents are skinnier
than most, as I usually bring only a small bag---practically a purse---so
it'll be easy to protect from snatchers. What I did find inside my bag
depressed me. Compared to other women, I seem to have such a spartan life
(and yes, I kinda resent that association).

Here we go:

Wallet. I have recently given up my red canvas Kate Spade wallet (shipped
off to momma, I think she deserves it more than I do) and got myself a
sleeker and less bulky Kenneth Cole. It's mostly just for the bills and
IDs...the coins go to the coin compartment of my bag, to be disposed of

Cellphone. Dawn (Broce) now has my P990i, and I now have a Samsung Star
S5233W. Look at how cheap my cellphone pouch is. I cringe at the

My kikay kit. That's a misnomer, really, because now that I think of it,
there's nothing kikay about my kikay kit except the powder. Inside we have:

Beach Hut SPF 36. I will never thank Nea (Ismi) enough for letting me into
the sunblock/sunscreen secret. It really is the key to younger looking and
happy looking skin. With this heat and with my new shift where I get out of
the house at noon, no less, sunblock is so essential. Just a week or so after I started using sunscreen, there is a noticeably healthier glow to my skin. Not FAIRER, but healthier. It's smoother and softer...not like it's a piece of tapa. My pores are also smaller. Yes, sun damage causes huge pores.

I bought a bigger bottle that Allan and I share but I carry this smaller bottle for touch ups. Beach Hut is a sunscreen technically (meaning it contains ingredients like salicylates and cinnamates, as opposed to sunblock's zinc and/or titanium
oxide) so just like similar products, it's oily rather than sort of pastey and leaves a white residue (which is the zinc/titanium oxide in sunblocks). It also disintegrates faster than sunblocks, so I reapply after I get off the MRT in Ayala. And because it's oily, it was NECESSARY for me to buy...

Powder. It's just Nichido translucent powder, which is good for my in-between complexion. It takes the shine out, without having to whiten/darken my skin, which I like. And that's the only reason why I have this.

Hand Sanitizer (aka alcohol). Some of Allan's OC-ness rubbing off on me. I
mean, this is pretty basic.

Wet Wipes. Watson's sells the cheaper wet wipes that are not THAT wet, which I like. They're also not soapy which some wet wipes tend to be. They're pretty useful...from wiping my desk to toilet seats to fresh stains.

Lip Balm. Same thing. The sun's drying out my lips and it chaps and hurts. So there!



That's it. No lipstick, no lotion, not even perfume. Can you believe that?
Even Allan brings a vial of perfume with him when he goes out. And he's a
GUY. I cheek tint at home sometimes, whenever I think I look a little pale,
but mostly I don't. Am I so blah? Well, I also have some of my meds (allergy
meds and sometimes biogesic) and my prescriptions (never know if when you'll
encounter a snooty pharmacist who won't sell you Claricort or Virlix when
you have hives all over your face unless you have a prescription).

No eyeshadow, no mascara and definitely no can openers. How boring. What's in your bag?

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