Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vanilla Ice Cream, Two Ways

Vanilla ice cream is the most bought and therefore the most favored ice cream flavor all over the world. Me , I like the simple decadence of vanilla. The clean, creamy flavor of it and it's flexibility. It can be eaten plain, or with different kinds of syrup. I love it in ice cream, or like in the photo, as vanilla ice cream sandwich.

I used the grilled bread from Cibo and it really worked. The bread was chewy and a little salty. It perfectly foils and enhances the flavor of the vanilla. It looks good, too.

It's real pretty...I would add some strawberry preserves if I had any.

Then there's the float. I love float and really, soft serve ice cream does not cut it. I prefer orange coke float, Allan prefers the more traditional root beer.

Don't bother putting ice into the softdrink. The vanilla ice cream will definitely float, because well, it's ice after all. Make sure not to scoop too much ice cream because it can bubble over. Yummy treat for the entire family. I also love making milkshakes. Just blend together the soda and the ice cream and you have soda milkshake. If you have fresh fruit, then that will work, too.

Not saying that this is healthy, but once in a while, we all need some indulgent stuff.

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