Friday, February 5, 2010

The Beautiful Tomatoes

These wonderful specimens are, I'm proud to say are only Php50/lb. Grape tomatoes can be pretty expensive if you buy them at groceries and those don't really taste that good and sometimes even bitter because they've been refrigerated. Tomatoes don't like the cold and turn mealy when they're stored in a cold area. As much as possible, I don't buy tomatoes from the grocery, and if I have no choice, I make sure to get those that are in the carts or non refrigerated veggie stations. They generally taste better.

I love tomatoes, and I have said that many times in this blog. These tomatoes were good as is and all I had to do with them was to wash, cut the larger ones and throw them in with a little salt and some salted eggs. They were sweet and juicy. Nothing can beat that sensation you get when you bite into a really fresh tomato and the flesh breaks to release the juice. Yum.

This will also be great in other salads. I would prefer to keep the dressing light though, to maintain the goodness of the tomato.

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