Sunday, February 7, 2010

Droste Holland Pastilles

It's Valentines, and even though we're not really that kind of couple, I do still get that craving for chocolate. So while in the grocery the other day, Allan picked out his beloved M&M's (he hates toblerone but loves M&M's) I picked Droste Holland Pastilles (in the check-out counter display, talk about impulse!). I got the Extra Dark, 75% chocolate. I was thinking it's 75% cocoa, for only Php80, so maybe it's gona be crap tasting, but what the hell?

Turns out, it doesn't taste like crap at all. In fact, it's pretty good. Much better value for money than the Php88 per piece of some "Fine" Venezuelan chocolate truffle I bought in Cacao in SM North Annex. Php88 per piece for chocolate the size of my thumb. I was somehow tricked to buy that.

Anyway, back to Droste. It is definitely not the high end stuff but there is that snap that characterizes good chocolate from bad ones. It's appropriately bitter for 75% and melts just like any good chocolate. For one, it does have a sort of metallic or astringent aftertaste, but it's very faint. For the money you pay for one tube, it's a deal.

The packaging is convenient, too. The tube is easy to pack. I love the fact that it comes in tablets, because it's really too much for one sitting. I ate I think 5-6 pieces, and Allan ate I think 3. There's more left over. One tube I think has 12-5 pieces. I didn't count though, so this may be off the mark.

This may not replace the place of Valrhona or even Lindt in my heart, but this is definitely chocolate that I will buy more often.

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