Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today, Kenny Rogers

We went back to SM North to get our router replaced. It was a real freaking bummer because I didn't want to leave the house today. But the router we got just the day before was not working so we have no choice.

We finally get the store to give us a replacement. It was past noon (actually closer to 4pm) and without lunch, we are definitely needing a big meal. We settled for Kenny Rogers.

I have to tell you that Kenny Rogers is pretty much an old reliable. When we're at a mall and we're not feeling anything fancy, but want real food (meaning not Jollibee or Mcdo) we go to Kenny Rogers. Not very cheap, but good and hearty.

Allan went for the ribs, as he usually does.

A funny exchange went:

Me: Are you sure you want mashed potatoes AND rice? (We are sort of trying to eat healhier)

Allan (walks over to the sides selection): Oo nga noh...sige Cheesy potatoes na lang.

Me: (one eyebrow raised)

Allan: O yung steamed veggies na lang.

We got both Solo Plate B's. His was ribs with corn and carrots and steamed veggies. Mine was chicken with slaw and fresh fruit salad.

Pretend that I posted a really crisp picture, coz I took none else.

I like Kenny's. It's clean and reliable. It's pretty affordable. It's also very fast, convenient and undeniably good. We left satisfied.

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