Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wine Cooler: Arbor Mist

This one doesn't really fall under "wine" but it's perfect when you want to sort of break in your wine tastebuds or you just aren't into the stuff. When people start to drink wine, they usually go for the sweeter versions. Personally, I prefer an off-dry or semi-sweet wine because I don't like the bitter, alcoholic aftertaste.

So when we tried Arbor Mist (Orchard Fruits Chardonnay) it was a great hit. It's a wine cooler, meaning it has wine and different flavorings, sugar and water. It's pretty watered down but you still get that wine taste. It's great with ice or well chilled. Very refreshing. And it has a pretty low alcohol volume (only 7% I think) so I can drink the whole thing and not get drunk or get a hangover the next day.

It kinda tastes like Cali (remember that drink?) only it contains real alcohol in it and more wine-y taste.

There are different varieties of Arbor Mist available in the Philippines and the Chardonnay is probably the easiest to drink. The red wine (Merlot and Pinot Noir) are pretty heavy, but much lighter and drinkable than pure wines. The White Zinfandel, which comes in strawberry and exotic fruits, are, I think, the in-between in terms of lightness and flavor. All are best serve cold or over ice. I served it with ice since we're using standard glasses, but I think if you serve this in wineglasses you're better off chilling the bottle instead.

The price is reasonable, too. It sells for Php200/bottle in SM. Good chill-out drink.

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