Saturday, January 16, 2010

Clingy Women

What is a clingy woman? There are many relationships that ended up broken simply because of women being too clingy. Too needy. Too...ugh. Personally, I find that the term "needy" and "clingy" are the most insulting things a guy can tell a girl. It even surpasses "you're fat" in the Ems Insult Scale. Being called needy or clingy is both embarrassing and offensive, yet there are times that we girls end up being just like that. And it's ugly.

I define clingy and needy girls as those whose lives revolve all around their men. Don't get me wrong, there are many women I know who are both wife and mother yet while they are the all-around domestic diva, they still have that independence that helps them make their own decisions and their own choices, without needing their men to be with them all the time. A clingy or a needy woman is the total opposite of one who's in control of her life, her family and her relationships.

A woman who's not clingy can command her life, be that at work, at home or in her social circle, without asking for her man's approval, simply because she knows that she's right and that she knows what she's doing. She does not go, "Hon, I'll go take a bath na ha" or "Dear, do you want me to call a cab na?" or "Papa, I want to cut my hair like this, okay lang?" A woman who is not clingy is empowered and, well, put simply, HAS A LIFE.

On the other hand, the clingy woman is the one who pooh-poohs over each and everything that comes out of her man's mouth, as if hidden inside those words is the map to the Holy Grail, in whatever version you believe it to be, or the Fountain of Youth. She insists to share a single seat couch just so she can sit on his lap. She insists to feed him, share just a single set of eating utensils and a single plate with him. She acts on her desire for motherhood not by being a mother, but by mother-ing her man.

She floods his Facebook page with this or that "I love you" application, writes notes and tags him each and every time. It's even sadder when you see that he rarely replies back. When he's away, she uses her unlimited broadband access to smithereens over Skype just so they can still "be together."

A clingy woman insists that she goes with him to a boy's night out, saying that she will "not make a sound" and be "one of the boys, honest!" Ignores the weird looks from the barkada and proceeds to cuddle to her man like a koala. Gross. Just gross.

There is more to a relationship than constantly being in the presence of your man as if you were joined at the hip. In the long run, he'll just end up being allergic to you. Chill!

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