Saturday, January 16, 2010


Tomorrow, I'll be on midshift for two weeks. Meaning, I'll be at work from 3-12mn. Originally, this isn't something I signed up for because we all thought we'll be doing the dayshifts for the entirety of our contract. But I understand the need for us to overlap our working hours with our NY-based client, so I accept changes like these as a reality of life.

God knows that I have gone home later than midnight, from locations less noble and safe than Ayala, Makati. Besides it's just two weeks. Then back to day, then again midshift. I'm not sure how in the world I'll get home, if there are buses to my house or if I need to take a cab, but I'll get home. I just know I will, because, well, I was always able to get home.

I finally get a chance to dodge that goddamned traffic! And how about sleeping late? Yes, yes, yes! It's like getting the good stuff of being on a later shift (you can go to the bank, get licenses and shit like that in the morning, sleep late) but in a couple of weeks, you can get back to normal.

In general, though, I'm not a complaining, whining bitch. Although I am a lot of different bad things, I am not that. It's just a reality I have to accept. Besides, once I said yes, I mean it. I don't say I'm okay with something to please you to your face, then attack you and complain when you're not looking. I do not belong to that category.

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