Friday, December 25, 2009

The Twin Rice Holders

We usually consume one kilo of rice per week. That's not a lot because we only cook rice once a day, and only for two people. So whenever we buy rice, usually around payday (every two weeks) we buy two kilos.

We're also long grain, white rice lovers. We tried doing a brown rice stint once, but decided that it's not enough to float our boat. We usually get the best rice variety the supermarket has (since we buy two kilos lang naman, not very pricey even if the per kilo price is higher than normal). So sometimes we get Premium Jasponica rice or sometimes Premium Jasmine. Most common is Organic Ifugao rice since we most commonly get our groceries from a neighborhood Ever Gotesco.

A couple of weeks ago, we cooked more rice than the usual and ended up with just half the container with around a week to go til the next big grocery day. I went to buy one kilo of what is labelled "Premium Jasmine" in Trinoma's Palabigasan. It was I think around Php60. When I went home, I noticed that the leftover Organic Ifugao (at Php50/kilo) was exactly the same as the Premium Jasmine I bought. I felt robbed.

We should have a grading system. We should have clear boundaries as to what is Jasmine, Premium Jasmine, etc. We should NOT have overlapping names for rice and Trinoma Palabigasan, YOU SHOULD NOT OVERCHARGE!

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