Friday, December 25, 2009

Napoli's Pizzeria

Uh, that's Allan. If you thought that was me, then you're probably more drunk than you think you are.

And if you ARE drunk, what best thing to have but tomato soup? We have been raving about Napoli's Pizzeria for the longest time but it's only now that I remember to post a couple of pictures from the joint. The best thing about Napoli is value for money. Large servings usually good for 2-3 for the usual price of one. For example, this tomato soup (which large-ish shrimps, buttered bread and sour cream) set us back Php125, but it was large enough for four small bowls or two large servings. And it's thick, creamy, warm and freshly made. None of that thin, watery nonesense other places serve. Imagine! Php125!!

And the tomato soup is really good. It's very comforting and malinamnam. It's also quite filling. I have to constantly resist the urge to douse all the other orders with the soup. Aglio Olio with tomato soup, pizza with tomato soup, coke with tomato soup. Kidding. I don't usually give this title to restaurant food, but this definitely falls under the I-can-eat-this-stuff-everyday category.

There's pizza, pasta, sandwiches and salads. But we usually just order soup and something else, because that's all we can finish, really. This is a "small" all-meat pizza. Good for the two of us. Actually, we had to get someone to bag the last 2-3 pieces because we can't eat any of it anymore. Other favorites are Aglio Olio, Puttanesca, Chef's salad and the uber yummy artichoke dip. If you want to really taste a lot of the food, come in large groups or maybe 5-6. That way you can order more and finish what you ordered!

Just as a blurb, this marching band of Nutcracker mascots were making rounds in SM North. SM North has this rather new strip of hangout places called, I think, Sky Dome? The usual display of SM's architectural taste...or lack thereof. But it's a place where you can find a spot to drink or hangout with friends.

Other than SM the Block (SM North) You can find Napoli Pizzeria in equally unappealing SM Fairview. The main branch is in Tomas Morato.

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