Sunday, July 12, 2009


Just today, actually, just NOW, an anonymous Skype user asked permission to exchange contact details with me. In the message that can optionally come with the invite, it was yet another invitation to visit a certain site, as they offered certain services, yada yada.

Fine. Being the online shopper that I was, I pseudo-eagerly went to the site and if you are browsing it right now, you will see that it is simply made, no-frills. It's not even SEO'd. Google does not even list in when you type in the search term "Olence".

What I really appreciate about this website though, is that it offers food choices that they WILL deliver for free anywhere in Makati, no minimum. I assume that they still deliver free for other parts of the Metro, only they do so for orders Php150 and up. Which, I have to say, is VERY cheap. The meals are all around Php35 for rice + ulam + side dish. All home cooked.

I was completely suckered in this new concept of the digital version of Manang who comes into offices bearing packed lunches, which, among others, is what Olence is. I think I am one of the first people (charus) to witness the evolution of Manang from a basket toting, skirt and kerchief wearing, cooking for a living housewife to a decently dressed woman with her plastic bag full of styro-packed lunches to the Manang who now resides along the information superhighway, takes orders via skype, ym and email and payment through gcash and bank deposit. In her own website, too. It's amazing.

I ordered sweet and sour fish + spicy kangkong meal for me and longganisa + spicy kangkong for Allan. I am yet to see if Olence is worth the 10 minutes I spent extolling their great concept. I hope their food tastes great.

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  1. this is the little company that can. no, make that CAN!. OMG. they offer salon and spa alongside carpentry and handyman.

    also, note number 2 on the products list: personalize coffee.

    how in heaven's name????