Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kindly Fuck Your Fake American Accent Off

I cannot rant enough about this. I just can't. This is the biggest bad sign that I can find around that I have personally gone into. Call centers, kill me, I hate them.

When I was in the call center industry, I was told that "æ" is God. Like say: "Eya-pple" with your jaw trying to do its own acrobatic tricks. I just hated it. It was fake. The callers could not care less anyway, as long as they get what they want, or an acceptable semblance of it.

Trust me, an American accent, or trying so hard to sound like them will sound nothing but fake. It's F.A.K.E. and the customers know it. So what's the point?

Prior to BPO's flocking to the Philippines, they were in India mostly, and well, you know what they sound like. But holy hell, guess what, the customer satsifaction scores are comparable to ours.

Thing is, there are lots of American Accents. Lumping them all together under the general banner of "American" is just gross and senseless.

What irks me most is when some call center employees just take that outside the call center. Like the whole world is their Avaya. It's crazy. To an American you may sound all cool but to Filipinos, sorry, we know better. It sounds fake and so are you.

The problem with call centers is that they are becoming notoriously known for all the wrong ethics. Having a salary that high makes them think that they are better than everyone else. I swear, I have been there. That arrogance. But it really is nothing. Nothing at all.

It really isn't the money that makes the man. Too bad that in call centers, that's not what you're told. So please, if you do have a nice accent, great. But if you just CANNOT get that American twang, stop it. Your fake American accent is not cool.


  1. akala mo kung sino ka magsalita!!!!!ang panget mo naman miss!!!stop blogging non-sense thing!!!!!

  2. pangit man o hinde, may right pa rin magsabi ng saloobin. kung ayaw mo sa binabasa mo, get off this blog you fucking troll.

    "stop blogging non-sense thing!!!" grammatically incorrect ka pa. at anonymous ka pa. sigurado ka ba na maganda o gwapo ka? ayusin mo muna grammar mo bago ka mang-husga, gago.