Friday, October 9, 2009

Meat and Bread

Allan and I LOVE burgers. Although I really am a rice person, I can maybe trade one meal for a burger and I'll be fine. So yesterday we went out to Shangrila Mall and ate at Wham! simple because we're craving or burger.

This is the Wham! burger. No cheese, but the meat is juicy and medium rare, just like I want it. You can ask for well done too. There's no cheese or mayo, only a little mustard and ketchup, tomato and lettuce. But the meat really is what takes it. It's smoky and flavorful and it's huge! for Php98 bucks, you get 1/3 pound of meat that's about 5-6 inches in diameter.

We had onion rings, too. And they weren't the type where the onions was chopped, battered and fried. Instead, they were diced very fine and battered so that when you bite into it, it's really very crunchy and onion-y, but none of the strong smell or taste.

We also got Sabrett hotdogs. Apparently, "the original Manhattan hotdog." Syempre, I don't know if it really tastes like the real thing, but it was good. With the spicy and juicy dog, we had pickles, mustard, ketchup, mayo and the special Sabrett caramelized onions. Soooooo good!

We had Fro-Yo after, just to make ourselves feel better since we ate so much meat and preservatives. Up next.

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